1. Reassessment of the Vietnam War

Vietnam War was very controversial both during the war and now 40 years later. The history of the war is only partially written. However, those who fought for a Free Vietnam were fighting for an honorable and noble cause. The history today has never properly reported or recognized the contributions of the citizens of Republic of Vietnam; their lives, losses and the tragic personal impact with losing their country.

The success of the “Vietnam Veterans,” the coming to America of large numbers of Vietnamese nationals, the Boat People Exodus from the Communist Vietnam, the significant contributions of the Vietnamese Americans into the American society, the current tendency of political and economic change in Vietnam and the comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and USA have made people revise their opinion of that conflict.

In Vietnam itself, many people also realized their mistakes, especially after Le Duan, the First Secretary of the Communist Party and one of the main architects of the struggle against the U.S., confessed that “when we were fighting it was on behalf of the Soviet Union and China” (quotation now enshrined at Le Duan’s Mausoleum in Ha Tinh, Vietnam).

Many people among intellectuals spoke up against what went wrong in Vietnam, from Duong Thu Huong, the novelist to Nguyen Ho and Nguyen Van Tran (veteran revolutionaries), from the musician To Hai (“Diary of a Coward”) to former Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet…

From such observations it was a short step to calling for the drastic revision of received opinions about the Vietnam War — such erroneous views as to the nature of the war (the U.S. was not an imperialist power out to grab lands, or the Republic of Vietnam (ROVN) was a corrupt government filled with draft dodgers).

In reality, the ROVN as well as its People, its Army, its Elected and Governmental Officials had long struggled against the invasion of the Vietnamese Communist to defend the Democratic Regime and protect the Freedom, Property and Life of Vietnamese people. It is a War with the Just Cause on the side of the ROVN, its People, the USA soldiers and Allied Armies.

The US has its Vietnam Veterans Memorial to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the War. However there is not a single mention of a quarter million of Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam (AFROVN) soldiers who served and sacrificed for the protection of Freedom and Democracy in that same war. It is also never mentioned about the suffering of their families. They too have not been recognized and honored.

Therefore it is past time to recognize the sacrifices of the People, their Elected and Governmental Officials and the AFROVN and give them their due-return, their pride and honor, especially now that nearly two million Americans are the offspring of those same heroes.

  1. The Just Cause of the Republic of Vietnam’s People and Armed Forces

 President Ronald Reagan called it “the noble cause.” In the Gulf War, President George W. Bush proclaimed: “We have finally kicked it [= the Vietnam Syndrome].” By all measures it is now realized that Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) was a much more civilized nation than the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) under Ho Chi Minh and Le Duan (North Vietnam’s victory, said Duong Thu Huong, was “the triumph of barbarism over civilization.”)

It is apparent that with all its imperfections the Republic of Vietnam (1955-1975) was a beacon of light that to this day still represents the future to present-day Vietnam under communism.   It was a budding democracy based on the separation of powers (into the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary), a country that respected the rule of law and had practically all the freedoms and human rights recognized universally.

  1. The Vietnamese success in America demonstrates the superiority of the Republic of Vietnam

The success of Vietnamese Americans, especially their children in school, and their multiple contributions to America in every field clearly demonstrates that they came from a society that was not far behind the modern world. You can find all the facts about the outstanding achievements of the Vietnamese Americans in the Addendum Section of this Campaign Package (III.The Achievements of the Vietnamese Americans).

Duong Nguyet Anh, a Vietnamese girl whose father is a former ROVN Air Forces officer arriving in the US at the age of 15 as a refugee, became a scientist developing ”Thermo baric weapon” , and Joint Expeditionary Forensics Facilities (JEFF), two big contributions to the US Home Land Security and US Army to save soldiers’ life and citizens and protect the USA. Brigadier General Luong Xuan Viet, a son of ROVN Armed Forces Marine officer coming in the US at the age of 9 in 1975, is serving the US Army with tremendous performances from military missions in Afghanistan, Iraq to flood rescue operation in Louisiana.

Their pride can be seen in the fact that over one hundred jurisdictions in the United States and Canada, including several states (California not excepted), have recognized the national flag of the Republic of Vietnam, the yellow flag with three red stripes, as the freedom flag and/or heritage flag of the Vietnamese Americans. The same can be said about other countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, where large numbers of Vietnamese have also resettled.

  1. Why October 26?

To pick a date for the Republic of Vietnam Recognition Day, we would like to suggest that October 26 be made the date for such a day. October 26, 1956, was the day the first Constitution of the Republic of Vietnam was proclaimed in Vietnam, initiating the very first time that a true democracy was established in the entire history of the Vietnamese people, a people with over four thousand years of civilization. It is also the first National Day in Vietnam history.

Even though communist North Vietnam triumphed over South Vietnam, -the Republic of Vietnam in April 1975, the dream of Vietnamese democracy has never died. It is kept alive in the Diaspora, in the five continents where nearly four million Vietnamese are now relocated, and it is also a dream that nearly 90 million people living in Vietnam still aspire to.

Click on the below link to download this document:

Rationale for Republic Of Viet Nam Day Resolution_8-17-14

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