Letter to Assemblyman Travis Allen


Date: Sep 22, 2014

To:      Assemblyman Travis Allen
72nd District
17011 Beach Blvd, Ste: 570
Huntingtonn Beach, CA 92647
Tel: 714-843-4966 * email: assemblymember.allen@assembly.ca.gov

In the attachments of this email you will find our Steering Committee for Republic of Viet Nam Day Resolution Campaign Package ( Campaign Package_SC-F-ROVNDR-Off_08-17-14 ) including Cover Letter, Rationale for the Republic of Vietnam Day Resolution, and Suggested Draft Version of the Resolution for your reference and consideration.

As you all know that The Republic of Vietnam and its People, the Armed Forces, Elected and Governmental Officials had struggled against the invasion of the Vietnamese Communist to defend the Democratic Regime and protect the Freedom, Property and Life of Vietnamese people. The Vietnam War is a war with the Just Cause on the side of the Republic of Vietnam and its People.

History has now reached the point revealing that the world’s past opinion about the Vietnam War and the “Revolution” in Vietnam was the wrong course of action. Even the Vietnamese Communist Leaders in retrospect have admitted their mistakes with the building of the country based on the illusion of the communism.

The success of the “Vietnam Veterans,” the coming to America of large numbers of Vietnamese nationals, the Boat People Exodus from the Communist Vietnam, the significant contributions of the Vietnamese Americans into the American society and the current tendency of political and economic change in Vietnam has resulted with comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and USA, which also has forced people to revise their opinion about the Vietnam War.

It is long overdue to recognize the sacrifices of the Citizens, Elected and Governmental Officials and Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam (AFORVN) and give them the honor and respect that they deserve, especially now that nearly two million Americans who are the offspring of these same heroes. While we are discussing this we must never forget the sufferings of million of families of the US soldiers and Allied Armies who served in the Vietnam War.

We urge your favorable consideration of our proposal and request your efforts to submit to the California Legislature a Resolution to honor the “Just Cause of the Republic of Vietnam,” and recognize the enormous sacrifices and contributions of its Army, People, Elected and Governmental Officials as well as American soldiers, Vietnam War Veterans, Allied Armies and their families.

Our Steering Committee is ready to meet with you to present our campaign and answer any questions, as well as say thank you to you.

We deeply appreciate your effort in this honorable action.

On behalf of the Steering Committee for Republic of Viet Nam Day Resolution
Lac Tan Nguyen, Campaign Coordinator

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